Ultrafine 468 Plus

Designed for medium to larger spaces, the Ultrafine 468 Plus is the world’s most powerful and energy-efficient air cleaner. This system traps microorganisms for continuous germicidal exposure and captures particles down to 0.007 micron in size. When on low or sleep mode, it only uses 5 watt per hour. Furthermore, it provides the highest CFM (cubic feet per minute of air flow) per decibel level of noise in its category, making it the quietest air purifier of its kind. Also, it features our proprietary capacitance touch control, providing seamless fan speed operation.

Product Highlights
  • Particle efficiency – 99.99% at 0.007 micron
  • Media efficiently traps up to 99.99 % of bacteria, mold spores, fungi and viruses sized particles (.007 to 10 micron)
  • High Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 468 m3/h or 275 CFM on Turbo setting
  • Innovative VOC absorption filter for removal of harmful gases and odors with >90% removal efficiency on Formaldehyde and >95% removal efficiency on Toluene
  • This revolutionary technology reduces bioburden and inhibits microorganism growth through Microbiostasis condition
  • Independently tested and verified to guarantee better ultrafine particle efficiency than HEPA
  • Ultrafine 468 Plus can operate from 100V-240V AC 50-60Hz


Cabinet Features
  • The Ultrafine 468 Plus is a rugged, easy-to-operate portable home air cleaner
  • Unit operation is silent on sleep mode
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Slim line unit, minimizes floor space utilization
  • Easy user interface and operating buttons
  • Outer housing is heavy gauge, galvanized steel with a durable electrostatic powder coated painted finish
  • Easy-to-grab rear handle for ease of movement
  • Durable easy-glide wheels

2000 SC – Self-Contained – Independent Blower

The modular design of the 2000 SC applies our DFS technology to any airflow criteria, and due to its independent blower, it can retrofit with any HVAC system. It can also be installed as a standalone unit above ceiling space to treat targeted areas.

  • Patented DFS Technology
  • 99.99% Filtration Efficiency down to 0.007 microns
  • Zero loss – restriction of airflow
  • Four times the filter loading capacity than a typical HEPA filter
  • Improved energy savings compared to HEPA
  • Nominal Flow – 2000 CFM
  • VOC Adsorption | Photo Catalytic Oxidation (optional)

1200 SC – Self-Contained – Independent Blower

With a similar design as the 2000 SC, the 1200 SC also provides similar benefits – it’s ideal for standalone installations above ceiling space due to its smaller height and footprint. It’s also very effective for flush-outs at the time of new building construction, and for treating multiple areas on a single floor.

  • Patented DFS Technology
  • 99.99% Filtration Efficiency down to 0.007 microns
  • Modular design meets any airflow criteria
  • Zero Pressure Drop – Auxiliary Blower Design
  • Three times longer filter life than HEPA Filtration
  • Huge energy savings compared to HEPA
  • Nominal Flow – 1200 CFM

950 P – Portable DFS Air Cleaning System

  • Delivers high CFM with low energy consumption
  • Mobile Design – built in 3.5” safety lock swivel casters, full width  handle for easy movement
  • Multiple Fan Speeds – four fan speeds for ease of control
  • 99.99% DFS Filtration Efficiency – down to a size of 0.007 microns
  • Independent Air flow/Distribution Control – to facilitate placement  anywhere in the space
  • Patented V-Bank Filter – increases surface area and provides higher  dust loading capacity
  • Ease of Maintenance – quick release filter access from the back  side of the unit